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R&D Overview

OPT Creation Inc. is developing anti-cancer drugs with a new mechanism of action by applying semiconductor-related technology that has been researched for many years. The "ultra-high concentration ozone nanobubble preparation", which was born from the applied technology, has few side effects due to its ultra-small molecule and has been shown to have a clear reduction effect in the 3D test using cancer cells even when compared with the new type of anticancer drug approved after 2000.

Our mission is to accelerate the delivery of low-cost treatment through this research and to save the lives of many patients around the world.

Our technology mainly acts on immunity and is a dual action of mitochondrial activity and Nrf2 activity. This mechanism of action is compatible with the Immuno-Oncology area in basic research and pilot research. It is also expected to be used in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors.


Professor Masayuki Nashimoto (Doctor of Medicine) of Research Institute for Healthy Living, Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences, is conducting research on the development of therapeutic agents for "multiple myeloma" which is one of the difficult blood cancers to be treated even in modern medicine, is participating in this research as an advisor.

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