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Opt Creation's
Ozone Nanobubble Technology

What is
ozone nanobubble technology?

This is a technology that dissolves ozone in nanobubbles using nanobubble technology owned by Opto Creation Co.

This technology makes it possible to store ozone for a long period of time and efficiently deliver ozone to the body.

Dissolving ozone in water also makes it possible to avoid toxicity.

This technology is expected to enable the safe and versatile use of ozone.

Features of Opt Creation's
ozone nano bubble technology

Feature 1:
Enables long-term storage of ozone

Ozone is expected to have various effects, but one of the reasons why its use has not progressed well is its instability.

Ozone is dissolved in water, but it is immediately lost, so it is necessary to use it immediately after dissolution.


For this reason, ozone therapy (blood cleansing therapy), which has recently been promoted in Japan, requires a machine that dissolves ozone into the bloodstream and returns the ozone-dissolved blood to the body on site.


Opt Creation's nanobubble technology solves this problem.
It is now possible to dissolve ozone in water for a long period of time.
(Dissolved ozone can be dissolved in water for about one year when frozen.)


This technology has the potential to make ozone more widely available.

Feature 2:
Safe utilization of ozone

Ozone is well known for its use in disinfection and sterilization.

For example, Tokyo tap water is disinfected by a combination of ozone treatment and activated carbon.
This is done by applying ozone's strong oxidizing power, and this effect breaks down organic matter in the water.
*Thereafter, ozone becomes water and oxygen, so it has no effect on the human body.

Conversely, ozone itself is known to be harmful to the human body.

In general, exposure to ozone as a gas for two hours at concentrations of 1 to 2 PPM can cause headaches and chest pain, and at concentrations exceeding 5 PPM, it can cause anesthesia symptoms and pulmonary edema.
At concentrations above 5 PPM, anesthesia and pulmonary edema can occur. At 50 PPM, a person's life can be endangered within one hour.

Although ozone is so dangerous, it can be safely used by dissolving it in water.

For example, ozone nanobubble water developed by Opto Creation has absolutely no adverse effects on the human body even when directly ingested.

Ozone has the potential to greatly expand the scope of its use, which has been limited due to safety concerns.

Feature 3:
Soft drinks and creams...expanding applications

As mentioned in Feature 1, ozone is dissolved in water but quickly drained out, resulting in a very limited range of applications.

To use ozone for sterilization and disinfection in factories, large-scale ozone water production equipment is required.

Also, in order to provide ozone therapy (blood cleansing therapy) at clinics, etc., it is necessary to manage and operate hazardous ozone, which is harmful to the human body as it is.

Opt Creation has made it possible to "store ozone for a long time" and "safely utilize" it by using our unique nanobubble technology.

This has the potential to expand the scope of ozone utilization to a much wider range than before.

For example, Brytest has developed "Brytest Water," a soft drink using OptoCreation's ozone nanobubble water.
The company is now selling the ozone water, which has been difficult to utilize only in medical institutions and well-equipped factories, in the form of a "soft drink" that anyone can easily and conveniently administer and inoculate.

Other applications are underway in various forms, such as moisturizing cream and lotion.

Ozone has the potential to promote the use of ozone in areas that have never been considered before.

Areas where ozone nanobubble technology
is expected to play an active role

Complementary and alternative
to ozone therapy (blood cleansing therapy)

Ozone therapy (blood cleansing therapy) has a history of over 40 years in Germany.
It is believed to enhance the human body's natural self-immunity and natural healing power.

In the ozone therapy method, blood is first removed from the body and mixed with highly concentrated ozone. The blood mixed with ozone is then returned to the body through an intravenous infusion.

Highly concentrated ozone is toxic to the human body and must be managed with great care.
In addition, since blood collection and intravenous infusion are required, management by a medical professional is an absolute prerequisite.

Opt Creation's ozone nano bubble technology has the potential to complement or even replace conventional ozone therapy (blood cleansing therapy) in terms of "safe use of ozone" and "long-term preservation.

Recovery from fatigue after sports

There are scenes where athletes directly inhale oxygen after intense exercise.
It is believed that supplying highly concentrated oxygen after sports accelerates the decomposition and elimination of lactic acid, thereby speeding up recovery from fatigue.

The use of oxygen capsules after sports is also for the same purpose.

Ozone (O3) refers to the state in which three oxygen atoms (0) are bonded together.
This state is very unstable and easily decomposes into oxygen (02).


In other words, ingesting ozone water after sports is expected to efficiently supply oxygen to the body.


There is a possibility that Opt Creation's ozone nanobubble water can be used for supplying oxygen and recovering from fatigue after sports.

Anti-virus field

In recent years, the use of ozone for sterilization and virus inactivation has been attracting attention.


Moreover, it is known that bacteria and viruses do not develop resistance to ozone, even after repeated use, and is expected to be utilized in the field of bacteria and virus control.


However, ozone itself is harmful to the human body and cannot be easily used.


By utilizing Opt Creation's ozone nano bubble technology, it is expected to develop easy-to-use products to prevent bacteria and viruses.

Product development
utilizing ozone nanobubble technology

Opto Creation is developing a variety of products using ozone nano bubble technology.

Currently, a soft drink using ozone nano bubble technology has been commercialized, and products in the fields of moisturizing cream and lotion are being developed.

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