Latest News  

  2015.08.01 We have moved our head office to Tsurumi R&D Center.    
  2015.07.31 Started the live demonstration of microbubble cleaning at the clean room of Tsurumi R&D center.
Invested from TEL Venture Capital.
  2015.04.01 Opened Tsurumi R&D Center.  Base facility of semiconductor cleaning research and development.    
  2014.02.27 The introduction of OPT Creation was published in the book "The medical industrial ability of NIPPON that surprise the world" published from Toyo Keizai Inc.    
  "The medical industrial ability of NIPPON that surprise the world" written by Wataru Izumiya,
                published from Toyo Keizai Inc.
  2013.11.14 The academic announcement of "NAnO3" (Durable Ozone Water)  was made at WIOC 2013 in Phuket, Thailand.    
  2013.09.04 Bloomberg distributed our corporate strategies to all over the world.    
      Planning to be listed on NASDAQ    
      Microbubble Venture for Cleaning Wafers to Wardrobes Plans IPO    

The Announcement on NAnO3 in AAO2013 was listed on major American journals such as the Wall Street Journal and by NASDAQ OMX.

  2013.05.05 The Announcement on NAnO3 at AAO(American Academy of Ophthalmology)Philadelphia 2013 at Saint Louis University, U.S.    
  2013.05.01 Have Contracted the corporate solutions services with NASDAQ OMX Group Inc.    
  2013.04.25 Have Contracted the collaborative research on cleaning of semiconductors with The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)    
Past news

Opt Creation Inc., is an innovative Venture company. The company name "Opt" is the verb of "Option" and "Opt Creation" means to "choose the creation".

Our company is aiming at the technological innovation and more than twenty workers are professionals at Machines, Electricity, Atoms, Natural Science, Chemistry, Water Treatment, Marketing and Sales, Patent, IT, PR and so on. We are aiming at feasible technological innovation which is environmental-friendly and supports human life. As a result of such research and development, we created the Nano-bubble technologies.

We also create the open-innovation type business model, combining our Nano-bubble technologies with other company's technologies and ideas, in order to create new concepts. In particular, we are going to make license-in and license-out. And we are targeting at the promotion and creation of open innovation by the industrial]academic]government cooperation in the fields of water environmental engineering, medical Science, veterinary medicine, and communication network.

Our research and development and activities for the commercialization is heading for "Agriculture", "Environment and Sanitation" and "Heath".
"Agri-business", creating benefits for producers.
"Environment and Sanitation business", creating new earth-friendly science.
"Health business", creating enjoyment of people.

It is our company's identity and motto that "we enjoy science and keep on making choices for new creations".

Last Modified: September 08, 2015